Steel Targets, Hostage Taker Target

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This is our hostage taker target.  When you shoot the 7" hostage taker, it swings from side to side.  This is a real challenge at extreme distances.  Try to kill the bad guy while not harming the "hostage."  This target comes with our "T" Post mounting system and is a snap to set-up in the field.  You can choose to mount the target high up on the post and allow the "bad guy" to swing from side to side, or mount it lower on the post and only swing from one side. T post not included. 
The target body is a standard IPSC B/C zone

Note:  As with all of ourproducts, don't shoot with any cartridge that exceeds 3000 feet per second.  See our recommendatons on the "about" page.


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