Steel Targets, Counter Sniper with 3" Flash Indicator

Product Code: Counter Sniper with 3" Flash Indicator
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Price: $353.00

This counter sniper target tests your skills at shooting a target profile that is in prone position facing and aiming directly at you. Test your skill at making the legendary Carlos "Gunny" Hathcock sniper shot right through the enemy's scope.  The 3” Flash Indicator mimics a scope objective lens and is a challenge to hit at long ranges.  The entire target is made of AR-500 hardened steel and will take the punishment while you practice at making the ultimate sniper kill shot.  This target weighs 33 pounds and is easy to set-up  anywhere with our "solid rod slide in base"

Pictured with custom stencil set (available for an extra charge). 


NOTE:  As with all of our products, don't shoot with any cartridge that exceeds 3000 fps. at close range - see our recommendations on the "about" page.


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