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Steel Targets - Spare Parts
If you need spare parts (hitch pin, gong stand bands, grade 5 bolts, spinner "O" rings, call us or send an e-mail.   ..
Steel Targets, T-Post Target Bracket
Steel Targets, T-post mounting bracket.  Use this bracket to mount your FirstShot target to any T-post.  This universal bracket will mount to a T-post and hold your target at the height you select.  You can mount this bracket to a T-post and install the hitch pin to secure your tar..
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Steel Targets, Universal Gong Stand Brackets
These universal gong stand brackets make setting up your shooting range a snap.  The brackets are designed to accept anything that is 1/2" in diameter to be used as legs and cross bar.  We recommend picking up rebar at your local hardware store and building your stand - use 36" leg..
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Steel Targets. Concealed Carry Starter Kit
Practice what you learned in concealed carry class safely with our quick target starter kit. This kit comes complete with our 8" square gong and the T-post brack mounting system (with removable hitch pin and bail).  Set-up multiple "attackers" at different distances.  Pull the..
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Steel Targets. Gong Straps
Gong Straps (for mounting gongs to the stand).  Easily suspends our targets to a stand.  Made of conveyor belt material - it can be shot several times before any failure (a much better system than using chains). The top pair of holes are ¾” and the bottom one is ½”.  The 2..
Steel Targets. Hunter Starter Kit
Get out of the gate fast with our complete starter kit that includes a 12" AR500 Steel Gong, Universal Gong stand Brackets and a Gong Strap to mount your target to the stand.  All you need to do is  pick-up  1/2" rebar from your local building supply store and you're up and ru..
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