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Steel Targets - 22LR Mini Spinner
Steel Targets - the 22LR Mini Spinner target mounts onto the cross bar of our Universal Gong Stand Bracket system.  Begin shooting the top and bottom of the target until you get it to rotate a full revolution.  You can Keep firing to see how fast you can make it spin.   Wit..
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Steel Targets, Counter Sniper with 3" Flash Indicator
This counter sniper target tests your skills at shooting a target profile that is in prone position facing and aiming directly at you. Test your skill at making the legendary Carlos "Gunny" Hathcock sniper shot right through the enemy's scope.  The 3” Flash Indicator mimics a scope objective..
Steel Targets, Coyote
Steel Targets, Coyote silhouette target.  Made from 3/8” AR500 steel with a “solid rod slide in” base for easy set-up.  This target weighs 28 lbs.  Also available with a reactive 4” kill zone.  See Coyote With 4" Kill Zone Flash Indicator. Dimensions a..
Steel Targets, Coyote with 4" Kill Zone Flash Indicator
Seel Targets, Coyote silhouette target with 4” kill zone reactive auto reset flash indicator.  Made from 3/8” AR500 steel with a “solid rod slide in base” for easy set-up.  See the action video below.  This target weighs 33lbs.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO  ..
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Steel Targets, Hostage Taker Target
This is our hostage taker target.  When you shoot the 7" hostage taker, it swings from side to side.  This is a real challenge at extreme distances.  Try to kill the bad guy while not harming the "hostage."  This target comes with our "T" Post mounting system and is a snap to ..
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