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FirstShot Targets was founded by shooters for shooters.  After competing in long range field competitions, we realized a need to have portable target systems that can be set-up and taken down with ease.  We also know that shooters can’t always train with a “spotter” and need a reactive target that will give them immediate feedback on accuracy.

We decided to manufacture quality targets. It makes sense to have a complete line of static & reactive targets available, while being open to new ideas that competitive and recreational shooters dream up.  That’s why we leave the door of possibility open to you.  Only you and your instructor can determine what the most effective method of training will be and how it will benefit you the most.  Why buy a “hostage” target if your training goal is to effectively take big game at extreme distances?  Also, what do you learn from shooting a pistol at a 12” rifle gong? If you can’t find what works for you in our standard product line, send us an e-mail or give us a call with your ideas.  I’m sure we can come up with something that will meet your recreational and training goals.

Our targets are made from AR500 hardened steel for lasting durability.

Keep in mind that bullet velocity is what can damage your steel target.  We recommend not shooting any of our targets with high velocity cartridges that exceed 3000 feet per second at ranges inside 200 yards.  22-250, 17HMR, 220 Swift cartridges have been known to damage steel - use with caution and push the range out to account for the higher velocity. 3/8" thick targets are not designed to be shot with .50BMG either.   We will not warranty any target that has been shot at what we consider close range with the cartridges listed above, or any cartridge that exceeds the recommended velocity rating.  Steel core or APC rounds will void any warranty as well.

Shoot safe, always:

Keep the muzzle in a safe direction at all times
Know your target and what’s behind it
Keep your finger off of the trigger until you’re on target and ready to fire
Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

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